Skilled, Trained and motivated Engineers & Technicians, Appropriate Tools, Calibrated Testing Kits, Documentation library are paramount for a successful Service Team and we take pride that we possess all under one roof.

We are equipped to perform demanding requirements of Upgradation, Repair, Replacement and Maintenance works on planned shutdowns to keep downtime to an absolute minimum with the team available on a 24X7 call duty.


  • Site Support Services – Site Acceptance Test, Testing & Commissioning of MV, LV, LCC, Protection Relay Panels, SCMS/SCADA, Switchgear Automation Systems etc.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract –SAS offers attractive AMC solutions to perform planned/periodic maintenance activities and ensures zero downtime.


  • Retrofit & Refurbishment Services –Enhancement of life cycles of electrical systems, retrofit obsolete switchgear, repair andup-gradation of any third party solutions

1. Engineering Services


Power quality—harmonic calculation and recommendation of filter sizing

  • Technical studies—use of conventional calculations and time-proven software to determine the appropriate values used in the configurations and settings to be adopted
  • Retrofit, annual & preventive maintenance—perform upgradation, repair, replacement and maintenance works on planned shutdowns on extremely short durations to keep the plant interruptions to the minimum

2. Technical Studies

  • Short circuit analysis
  • Protection discrimination & coordination
  • Power factor correction
  • Heat load Calculation
  • Arc Flash analysis
  • Lightning protection
  • CT/ VT calculations and sizing
  • Battery sizing
  • Relay setting calculations

3. Retrofit, Annual & Preventive Maintenance

  • Teams available on call 24×7, for all service and maintenance requirements
  • Protection modifications—replacement of old or obsolete protections 
  • Modifications—remote end old main1 and main 2 line protections replacement with new relays
  • Replacement of LV capacitor banks 
  • LV Circuit breakers replacements for enhanced capacity

4. Miscellaneous Services

  • Designing, assembly, testing, and commissioning of fault monitoring systems
  • Designing, assembly, and testing of automatic voltage regulator for transformers 
  • Create remote telemetry unit panels for power and water applications 
  • Create control panels for motor controls employing soft starters, variable frequency drives 
  • Create SCMS/SCADA panels 
  • All-inclusive training (classroom and on-field) on usage, compliance, operations related to our entire range of products and activities


  • Power quality (Harmonic) studies and analysis – We provide actual measurements or simulation studies of harmonic current and voltage sources, identify its root causes, and propose the design, and implementation of AHF panels.
  • Short circuit study and Analysis – We calculate and analyze all the possible fault currents in the electrical power system.
  • Protective device coordination/discrimination studies – We conduct studiesand provide time-current characteristics and trip curve analysis.
  • Switchgear Thermography – We offer thermography for all electrical systems to find the Hot spots and avoid catastrophic equipment failures.
  • Real Time Monitoring- We provide solutions for thermal monitoring of LV/MV Switchgears, Transformers, MCCs and other electrical systems to increase asset integrity and mminimize downtime. We can provide this for existing systems as a retrofit solution.
  • Primary Injection kit
  • Secondary Injection kit
  • DC charger
  • AC UPS
  • Insulation Resistance/Dieletric test
  • Milli volt drop test
  • CT Analyzer

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