SAS Power’s investment in World class Facilities, People and Technology has established us as one of the leading providers of customized Power and Automation systems, Power distribution equipment and related field services.

We operate out of our modern facility of 4,000 Sq. m fully air-conditioned facility with over 100+ trained professionals and technicians.

High technical expertise across major market segments like Residential, Infrastructure, Water, STPs, DCPs, DATA CENTERs, O&G and All Utilities. Our long list of reference projects is a testimony to this statement.

Our repetitive supply of our various solutions such as LVs, CRPs, to DEWA, FEWA, TRANSCO, EGA, EMPOWER showcase our product quality and performance.

Why Choose SAS Power?


1. Customer Satisfaction

With SAS power, all clients are offered an extensive portfolio with a range of products, globally recognised for their strength, durability and power.

From procurement, logistics to customer service, everything is taken care of by SAS to ensure all work is completed without clients having to worry .

In the end , our clients experience the brilliance of our comprehensive product range , consistent and responsive service , and the care of a knowledgeable team that is dedicated to delivering practical and timely solutions across all stages of the work involved.

2. Start-till-finish solutions by specialists

The SAS product development process starts with design followed by manufacturing , then installation succeeded by complete support service to ensure top-notch maintenance at all times. SAS Power provides you complete power services and solutions to fulfil all your power automation and distribution needs across Eenergy and Water sectors.

Our highly skilled team of technicians, advisors and engineers have successfully  managed numerous automation and electrical projects in the region, earning recommendations and laurels from seasoned specialists across the industry.

3. Product Excellence

  • Assured quality, 100% cost-effective, safety and reliability of all products.
  • Each SAS power FZE product comes with complete compliance guarantee to all legal requirements, international standards and local statutory requirements.
  • Verified design of all electrical installation with components that meet international design and safety codes.
  • Rigorous design testing and material analysis of products before installation.
  • Security performed at all stages of construction and installation.
  • All essential approval checks and commissioning checks are completed at the installation stage
  • In-depth analysis of location that helps in the detection of conditions that could potentially lead to power failures of conditions that could potentially lead to power failures and short circuits.

Consistent focus on innovation has resulted in the creation of a versatile list of products and services that provide the highest usability levels, open protocols, reliability, and optimized control. One can spot SAS power Products in action across commercial infrastructures, manufacturing, generation and water treatment plants, among many sectors.


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